Monday, 16 November 2015

What It's All About

I started this blog over 3 years ago.
I started PTE over 6 years ago.

It's incredible how much time has passed and I'm a bit surprised that I managed to keep both things consistently updated.

Granted, this blog is seen as more of the 'Sporadically/Never Updated' blog, but it's never strayed from it's original purpose, which has been the reason for that.
This blog has always been and still continues to be a sort of look into what I'm thinking in regards of the Ric-Olzow and Eric Riccy IPs, and all their associated content. (Comics, Animations, Games, Music,  General Drawings, Other media(??))

Now I'm brought here today as one might guess, for an update. I've long accepted to put all game design on hold, a lack of network, honed skill set and time have made it abundantly clear that not pursuing that right now is probably for the best.

I've dabbled with ideas as I always do. I watched old BP episodes, and though I believe that the use of the F-word was in really poor taste, I was also in high school when the character was written. That said, I've really learned to like Business Penguin as a character, and without swearing and vulgarity, I see a potential in him.

I could see a BP Series Reboot, with the Ric6 (Minus Ric), led by BP. Success Troll could still be the antagonist company, (He and BP Play well in commonality as being unoriginal, a bit of a tongue and cheek about how one can interpret bosses) and could run a company of minion trolls. (As well, BP and ST could be running two forms of company, ST more the typical hierarchy, BP the central hub model. Theoretically, of course, because BP would still be incompetent and self-absorbed.)

It's probably a really silly idea that's going to turn to nothing, but it's worth mentioning, at least as proof that I'm not just sitting around doing nothing. I'm giving schoolwork my main priority, and thereafter wherever broadcasting takes me.  RO/ER will always be on my mind, but priority wise unless they manage to be profitable, this all is one glorious hobby.

And there's really nothing wrong with that. I know that if my things took off, there'd be massive pressure to produce more, keep up quality content, and everything I'd make would be shredded by the critics. (Which they should do, but I'm human and have a glass heart sometimes so it'd be a hurdle to get strong enough to continuously deal with the hate.)

I looked at old work I've (and a certain someone else) have done. It's amazing to me now how much stuff both of us have to our name. 2008-2010 was definitely my heyday. Hopefully I have more in the future.

To end off this post, here's proof I'm not gone[Link], just stupid busy with life. But then again, who isn't?