Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Ducks in a row

I often get told that this blog is the 'blog that gets no updates'.
With PTE being the powerhouse it is, It's not really surprising to me though.

This blog's original intention was to filter out Ric-Olzow related content from PTE, so that PTE would be more life-focused as opposed to creative works. Thereafter it was also to help me understand my work ethic with creative things.

So far I've figured out my biggest issue is I'm all over the map, I get distracted super duper easily, decisions are harder to make than second-guess, and I'm typically way in over my head.

With my new roomie though, I'm finding his powerhouse ethic with video production making me jealous, which is in turn making me want to try harder.

And that's why this post exists! I'm trying to find ways to simplify my stuff, and make it more easily accessible, plus make it easier to make than what I've been doing.

Making games is fun, but also takes months and months of long treacherous hours which require no interruption.
Figuring I'm busy trying to get me a survive-life job/school, and live in a chaotic household, this is proving a bit of a pipe dream. Add that to my hummingbird-style attention and it's the recipe of nothingness that it is.

Enough about shortcomings and sorting out existence though, the big news is to start these efforts, I present:

Eric Riccy Comics!

A hub for all comics that I draw, including randoms featuring Riccy himself, plus I plan to digitize Mr University and upload them there too. And if any other sub-series' comes up, those can be added as well.
Comics take ~1 hour to make (The hardest part is the idea) compared to ~1 year for a game.
Or ~6 months for an animation, but the bonus of the comics site is that the best ideas can turn into cartoons, I'll have me a storyline and writing and storyboard, and just require voice actors and a bit of time to draw it all out.

Also two things of note:
1) This new blog does take over my old server blog, but figuring MC servers are not coming from me again anytime soon, this works out for the best.
2) I haven't decided if I'm going to add Winnippeggers to the ERC. It was a joke concept that has continuously gotten out of hand; it's concept is anti-humour and hard to find entertaining due to it's lack of coherency. It also has it's own site too which helps keep it...self-contained.

Hope these ideas seem sound!

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