Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Survive the Development

Saint Riccy has been marked, and appears to have gone over pretty well. At this time I have no plans to further develop it, but may do so later.
I will likely showcase it in May to friends back home, to get feedback. That'll be its next step at the very least.
I will likely not be showcasing any survive the music remake however, as I've hit a predicament that I'm certain isn't new or unique.

When I made survive the music the first time, I was making it for the sake to prove I could. It had a plethora of issues, most stemming from lack of player cues and floaty controls. As well as being visually bland.

Now that I've started working on it again, I'm finding myself almost afraid to try again. I've done a bit of fixing to the controls, (Has a land animation, character is slowed down to not be a blur on screen) but I'm hesitant to start the actual remake.
I feel like once I've made it, it'll have the same issues as last time, or new issues.
It will probably be doomed to sort of...suck.

I'm finding my weakest skill is design. I can write alright, I can code passably, I can draw kinda and I can make a somewhat catchy set of tunes. But my design...well..
It took 3 years, but I see why I'm not meant for architecture.

So in summary, we're sorta back to the drawing board. So business as usual.