Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tino's Sunglasses

Since forever and a day ago, Tino Jackson dude has been a 'character' of mine. So long that this was the first character I created after my 'imaginary friends' phase. (I was 3 cmon stop making fun)
One thing thats remained constant for him has been his sunglasses. He wears them (theoretically) 24/7/365.

In light of a certain something , I began thinking about the lore behind why he always wears sunglasses. For a long time I've been looking into eye disorders and what eye disorder could possibly require needing constant sunglass usage.

The answer? None. That's a really good thing.
But it also means that Tino's sun-glass use is either due to:
-Stylistic reasons (Where it's just a thing he does)
-Sensitivity to light, which implies more migraines as something he suffers.

I've also looked into cones and their relationship with sun-glass use, if he was to have an eye disorder due to cones it would likely be dystrophy. However sunglasses would do nothing to aid that disease.

I realize that as he is a made-up character, I could just as easily make up an eye disorder that he has if I really wanted his sunglasses to have a medical reasoning for existing. However, I more just want him to have an accurate reason to constantly wear sunglasses.

Long story short, Tino's sunglasses make me learn about eyes. Maybe it has taught you too?

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