Friday, 6 February 2015


This post comes out of nowhere to merely update on where my mind is at with Ric Olzow.

The latest game in progress has been "Saint Riccy", and it's currently as far in development as project ADOH got. It's at the critical point where if I can solve all the issues that arise, a game will be created. (This point ADOH didn't pass as I couldn't resolve coding errors leading the game unplayable. Though I think since then I may have, since I figured out the clone trick with Survive The Music....don't have the time to figure that out though...)
SR's issues are purely content, an unfinished idea of a storyline and a lack of artistic skill leading background design up in the air. Compared to coding issues that went beyond what I could understand, this is at least manageable. That said, I need time. Time I don't have. Because school.

While I may not have the time to dedicate to game design, I do have the energy to dedicate to researching game design. (Honestly the lack of time is more a lack of energy thing, I feel like I need a solid 4+ hours alloted if I'm going to work on a game because I get caught up trying to fix things and stopping mid-problem is extremely aggravating.)
Through my research I've found that one thing I've never really thought about is direction. My last post I delved on how I've so far made a mess of a thing and (sorta) why, but I never said where I was going from there. Survive the Music is a very plausible thing, being that it is a working prototype game and just needs a rebuild for better reception. (It has the same problem as SR actually...hmmm...)
I'm finding I like platformer type games very much, I love 'boss fights' and the tough music and the lead ups to them and the map screens (Like in early Donkey Kong Country games) so there's things I know I like and limits on what I can actually do and I gotta figure out how to take all that and turn it into something cool.

Essentially, I need to become a director. I'm the boss. I'm my boss. I need to direct myself better so I can actually make the things I dream/imagine.

The reciprocator needs to become the initiator.

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