Wednesday, 27 August 2014


The fact I'm making this post means something interesting happened. I mean, this post is 36 years early.

I made a new, complete and finished game. I've had it tested just as JQ was.
However, I've hit a new sort of snag.

I've been advised to not upload the game, due to it so bare bones that its considered now a 'Prototype'. I was told the concept is quite interesting, and with luck and a bit of skill could actually be ROC's breakout game.
However, that's a lot of pressure and a lot of hope riding on one experimental game.
The tweaks it requires also are at or above my knowledge at this point, and based on some touch ups I've tried before, I'm more likely to break the entire game than fix it. This means I may have to make a new version and just carry over what I can get working and mix it with new things and see how far I get without everything getting messy.
Basically, this game stays on the drawing board, for more experimenting.

I'd like to get more creative projects whipped out and have more finished projects under my belt, but it seems the more I do stuff the more it seems either I need to spend longer on something better or I do what I've already done and just plateau like a one trick pony.

Damn this hobby.

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