Monday, 7 July 2014

Running down a dream

I'm not dead!! (Or have I always been saying "we"? ROC is a one man operation really...)

Since December I've hit wall after wall. Whatever magic momentum I had for making JQ and the prior flashes I've never been able to find again. I dunno if it's my pacing or if I just have a problem of picking too big projects to work on. (Or if I just daunt myself into not even wanting to try to finish em...)
I've tried smaller ones too and I always find myself thinking the small stuff isn't worthwhile.

So I hit a crossroad. The obvious answer is to go bigger than small and smaller than big. But I also have figured out that I need to take things more slowly. I tend to JUMP into whatever new project, trying to get as much organized as possible as fast as I can.
That hasn't been working.

I've started just doing schoolesque "Proof of concept" and trying to get different codes and things down. I was able to finally get 'Unlockable Levels' as seen here:

I'm at the point where anything I can produce is miracle. I won't stop, but I will probably get caught up and beaten down and post in like half a year from now saying I'm making progress of some regard.

If anything interesting happens or I actually make something before 2050 I'll post it.

also if the flash doesn't work link is here:

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