Friday, 14 June 2013

Development Hell

As a one-man amateur game dev, one constant problem that plagues me and the "Ric Olzow Company" is development hell.

It's hard to figure out what tasks to do, which parts to develop and which to skimp (perfection is impossible, centuries could be spent on these games). Thus no matter the project, It seems I always fall into development hell.

Now, it could have to do with the projects I decide on. Overly ambitious projects of monstrous size (for one person) seems to be what I keep going with. It will be my continuous downfall, but I dont want to develop just-another-little-puzzle-flash-game.

All I can say is, perhaps a blessing in disguise that Ric-Olzow isn't a real, profitable company. I'd probably work whoever was with me into the ground without realizing it.

I really need to learn to take smaller bites. And relax more.

All that said still projects on the way. But you can guess where they reside.

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