Monday, 8 April 2013

Dancing Cheese Engine

It's taken months of coming back over and over again to the same issue: the platform codes I worked with would always malfunction somehow. One kept causing a gravity error so that while leaving a platform, the character would be under 0 gravity until an undefined point which then his normal jump would take off.
I tried fixing the code numerous times and nothing prevailed. I eventually turned to searching online for how exactly solid platform code works.
Which is when I stumbled upon a piece of code, a tutorial from a guy explaining how to have gravity that interacts with platforms. I built off the code, combining what I knew worked from the one I was working with and combining it with this new one, and thus: The "Dancing Cheese Engine."

With this 'Engine', (wherein I refer to it as an engine because its the combination of codes working as a base formula for creating my game, its not what a video game engine truly is but it takes a similar idea) I can begin working on a platforming game which I know will function correctly and be stable. (as in, not have some crazy ground glitch. Theoretically.)

I'm not going to jump the hype and say "Zomg new game coming out", I'm just saying that I've made progress. I've been toying with ideas since JQ, but I'm actually finding it hard to top JQ, both idea-wise and concept-wise.
I'm not trying to say JQ was exceptionally good, but it's the best I've done, and to try to top it might be unattainable.
We'll see what happens though.

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