Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Remember Ric-Olzow? Me Neither.

It's certainly been a few months since I've posted here.

Basically, nothing has really happened since last post. Ideas have come and gone, I've toyed with different ideas and codes over and over and never had found anything I could actually turn into a project.

That is, until now. I have a potential idea in mind, for a platformer-style game, featuring levels, bosses and a driving storyline. It's hard to say if I'll be able to pull off the idea in mind, but I'm hoping to bring the game together with song use (see: ric-olzow music) and atmosphere. I'm also keeping in mind that this game needs to be a lot more forgiving than JQ, (which I still regard as my best designed game thus far, it just happens to also be university-level in terms of difficulty....) which will hopefully draw more people to play it farther than 2 levels.

I'm thinking as well to go all out if I do make this new game idea, and maybe try making trailers and other things for it. It'll definitely be a non-profit venture, and if it manages to pick up any sort of popular interest, will be more successful than planned. My expectations are lower than they were for JQ, which is due to a reality check that my stuff is not as new, fancy, or innovative as I once thought. (Read: my ego got a much needed clamp.)

We'll see what happens, because the new project is a mere idea for now, but at least I'm starting to formulate actual plans again!

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