Monday, 6 April 2015

Saint Progress

I gotta admit, having the due date has really helped put fire under me and get things rolling.
That said, quality-wise I worry if I'm skimping due to time constrictions.

The biggest issues I'm finding is writing and image inconsistancies, and accuracy errors.
Though figuring I'm writing about a situation I've never been in with information that is vague at best, the clarity is a bit doomed. I can't exactly find a person who's been in it either, and am not really sure I'd want to. I'd feel weird just prying someones experiences for my game.

Problems aside, Saint Riccy is making strong progress. It's still behind schedule as of this post, but It's approximately 30% done. And that progress was made in 3 days at about ~26 hours, so I'm doing not too bad.

Of course with 10 days left and a rather rocky final week ahead of me, things will get interesting.
I should probably go work on it now...haha...

Also if you're here from PTE, know that I plan to work on the remake of Survive the music after schools end. I doubt it's going to get any recognition ever, but at this point I think I can  comfortably admit Ric Olzow Stuff is a hobby.

I gotta get a real job. Maaaaaan.

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