Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Battle against raging issues

For one reason or another, things have constantly stood in the way of game and movie production.
For animations, the biggest issue is what to animate. I've constantly come up with ideas but they always include females which I've had zero luck in securing a female VA and have long abandoned trying.
So unless I'm ready to make the next BP (which I never plan to..), animation is off the table.

That leaves games. Games are easier in that they don't require voices to carry the story. (You could argue you don't need voices to carry an animation but trial and error has proved to me that it's kind of necessary.) Just a few codes, a good idea, a bit of animation, and you get Jenny's Quiz.
The biggest mistake with games I have made is being too ambitious. Project ADOH was actually more within my realm of doing, but it was meant to be massive like JQ. Another "secret" game I was working on ended up also being too ambitious due to its 8 chapter long concept.
Another issue is the coding itself. My knowledge of coding is still extremely limited so it does not take much for a concept to become something too difficult for me to implement. I can't seem to wrap my head around save files, for example.
A third problem has been organization itself. Ideas are hard because they get changed and warped throughout production. (For example, JQ's "stage completion" and "Defeat of characters to advance" were made on the spot.) Project ADOH was halted due to an error with stage and enemies, the stage made placing enemies absurdly difficult.

Another inevitable issue is time management itself. Wether its battling the latest sickness, trying to plan for the future, or trying to stay connected with family and friends, there always seems to be one thing or another that distracts me from working. That said, work itself also eats ~30 hours of my week, and with exhaustion after work, its hard to convince myself to start frustrating myself on making a game.
Mix all this together with an infamous procrastination personality, and you get why I have seemingly stopped working on games. I've managed to pop a few songs out here and there, but making anything larger has proved daunting.

With all this said, that is why this blog has rarely gotten posts. These are the reasons behind projects flopping and dissappearing. I'm trying to learn how to make smaller games, easier codes, and battle all my distractions and slowdowns. I doubt I'll have anything out anytime ever. But I'll continue trying.

Until next time!

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