Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Testing ADOH

A tiny test level testing the mechanics of ADOH floated around a few weeks ago, and of the bugs found so far, the biggest seems to be the fact you die while enemies fade away.

I've been looking into this bug, and I'm unsure if it can really be classified as a bug due to the behavior of the game. When the frame that causes that effect to occur is removed, the enemies have zero chance of destroying the MC due to the massive hit-boxes surrounding  the main character. Due to that, then the game is not challenging at all, which proves to be zero fun.

I managed to get the level parameters working right though, and the functionality of most things is what I want them/imagined them to be. The game is touchy due to the way I code, meaning touching the wrong spot is very unforgiving. However I'm designing it so that if you do hit something you'll have obviously hit it, it won't be some 1-pixel type thing, it'd be more "You seriously just ran straight into that wall" sort of thing.

Once I decide/figure out how to either iron out this 'bug' or stick with it, I'll likely finally be moving on to designing the actual game.

As a teaser and/or gift to help give you the idea that this blog is not all a bunch of hype, here's a link to the TEST LEVEL (Click here). Controls being arrow keys to move. To replay if you die, right click and press play. Also note this is a version with the enemy 'bug' intact.

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