Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Redefining Redefining

I finally have a more clear view of what it is exactly that I'm doing.

As you may notice to the right, that is pretty much exactly what Ric-Olzow is. It's not some official company, or just some cartoon character, nor just a favourited username. It's a continuous (read: endless) project which serves the purpose of gaining fame rather than money. If this project ever actually manages to go monetary, that's amazing. But my intention (as of right now anyway) is to let this be a hobby that serves nothing more than entertainment.

As for actual Ric-Olzow projects, the plat-former mentioned last post has been the main focus, but it's certainly...evolved as an idea.
There is no longer gravity, as the game will likely play as more of a Gradius/R-type sidescrolling shooter. However, the MC will not fire any weapons, but rather rely on two spheres above and below it to defeat enemies.
The game has already been put into production, which is going slow due to the workload, project size, and staff level.

Expect a Demo/Preview/Teaser early 2013. 

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