Monday, 2 July 2012

Random Frame Array to possibly be basis of next game!

First Post is Best Post!

So last game released has been the infamous Jenny's Quiz, known for its intense toughness and cute charm! Also coding issues, but hey, I'm learning!

I have plans to continue with the game making direction, and so I've been toying with ideas over another Jenny-based game. The next one will very likely be using a new code I've figured out how to use: Random Frame Array!

Basically with this code, I can randomly shoot to any frame in the timeline. It's a fairly simple code, but still took me a bit to figure out how it worked. Now that I totally get it though, it's fair game! Using it with all my previous coding knowledge, I'm hoping my next game will turn out even better than the last!

As to what the game's actually going to be, I've been toying with ideas like Visual Novel, Slot Machines and Mini-game Compilation. We'll see what happens!

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